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Special Adapter Kit to Install 1140/1150 PTO’s series on DT-2412 gearboxes.

ENGINE TO PTO RATIO Gearbox High Normal
DT-2412 C 1:0,880 1: 0,700
AT-2412C/D, AT-2512C, AT-2612D/E, AT-2812C/D,
V-2412AT, V-2512AT, V-2812AT, VT-2512C, VT-2812C
1:0,900 1: 0,700
ATO-2512C, ATO-2612D, ATO-3112C, VO-2512AT,
VO-3112AT, VTO-2512C, VTO-3112C
1:1,150 1: 0,900
1 Ball Bearing
2 E/518 Adapter Shaft
3 Circlip DIN 471


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