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Two stage planetary geartrain winch with high capacity drum. Birotational and overcenter valve for efficient load control. Disc brake holds 100% load.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

BZC2500PH-X, BZC3500PH-X, BZC4600PH-X

Maximum pull on outer layer (kg)

1500 (BZC2500PH-X), 2000 (BZC3500PH-X), 3000 (BZC4600PH-X)

Maximum pull on 1st layer (kg)

2500, 3500, 4600

Maximum pressure (bar)

1500 (BZC2500PH-X), 2000 (BZC3500PH-X), 3000 (BZC4600PH-X)

Maximum pump delivery (l/min)

60 (BZC2500PH-X), 40 (BZC3500PH-X), 40 (BZC4600PH-X)

Max. lifitng speed on outer - 1st layer (m/min)

45 – 27 (BZC2500PH-X), 21 – 14 (BZC3500PH-X), 17 – 11 (BZC4600PH-X)

Rope diameter, max. min. (mm)

12/8 (BZC2500PH-X), 12/10 (BZC3500PH-X), 12 (BZC4600PH-X)

Rope capacity on outer layer (m)

140 / Ø8 (BZC2500PH-X), 80 /Ø10 (BZC3500PH-X), 50 /Ø12 (BZC4600PH-X)