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Adapter kit to convert ZF S60-90 into a 2AS-1010 TO, 12AS- 1210 TO Power Take-Off´s.

Engine to PTO ratio
12AS-1010TO High 1: 1,200
Normal 1: 0,980
12AS-1210TO High 1: 1,200
Normal 1: 0,980

(*) NOTE:
To get the correct ratio multiply the mentioned ratio by the internal ratio in all S6-90 releases.

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Additional information

Continuous Torque (Nm)


Intermittent Torque (Nm)


Power (1000 r.p.m.)

72 C.V // 54kW

Weight (Kg)


Note A

1. Gasket

Note B

2. Spacer cover

Note C

3. Guide bush

Note D

4. Adjusting washer

Note E

5. Taper roller bearing 32209A

Note F

6. Adapter shaft

Note G

7. Key DIN 6885

Note H

8. Gear

Note I

9. Taper roller bearing 32306